It may sound like a summer blockbuster but it won’t be as much fun. In just a few weeks, MSHA will launch RTLB IV, the latest edition of its “Rules to Live By” program. Although 2015 may have been the safest year ever in U.S. mining, MSHA says the new initiative, which begins on July 1, 2016, is needed to further prevent fatalities.

The RTLB program began in 2010 to focus inspectors and mine operators on health and safety standards, which MSHA says are the most commonly cited and have caused or contributed to mining fatalities. This fourth generation of the program highlights two standards, which MSHA says are responsible for 12 fatalities of the last decade: safe lighting in surface coal, 30 CFR 77.207, and a standard which requires scaling in underground metal/nonmetal operations to be performed from a location that does not put miners at risk of injury from falling materials, 30 CFR 57.3201. Read more on what the program means and how to prepare.