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MSHA Continues to Solicit Information on Underground Miner Exposure to Diesel Exhaust

MSHA continues to request information from underground stakeholders concerning the exposure of underground miners to diesel exhaust. The original notice and request for information was published on June 8, 2016. The motivation behind MSHA’s request for information and data stems from a joint study conducted by the National Cancer Institute and the National Institute for … Continue Reading

Widow of Miner Killed In Upper Big Branch Explosion Files Lawsuit Against MSHA

On April 10, 2010, Massey Energy’s Upper Big Branch underground coal mine suffered an explosion, resulting in the death of 29 miners. The investigation determined that inadequate ventilation caused a buildup of toxic gases, resulting in the explosion.  Massey Energy eventually declared bankruptcy, and the UBB mine closed for good.  Following the explosion, the families … Continue Reading

MSHA Issues Warning On Blast Safety Following Fly Rock Injuries

MSHA recently issued a safety alert regarding safe blasting procedures following serious injuries suffered by miners as a result of a premature blast. Despite being positioned a safe distance from the blast area, the shot detonated early without warning, and several miners were impacted by debris. While there were no fatalities, the miners suffered injuries … Continue Reading

MSHA Announces Results of Special Impact Inspections From December 2016

The U.S. Department of Labor’s Mine Safety and Health Administration has announced the results of its monthly special impact inspections from December 2016. During the month, MSHA conducted inspections at 10 coal mines and five metal and nonmetal mines during the month and issued 132 citations.  The inspections took place at mines in Alabama, Illinois, … Continue Reading

MSHA decides that the White House’s Regulatory Freeze Does Not Apply to its New Rule

MSHA decided to move forward with its controversial Examination of Workplaces in Metal and Nonmetal Mines Rule without regard to a White House Memorandum requesting federal agencies to delay rules for sixty days. (see our Blog on this Rule from October  The Rule became final on January 23, 2017 with an effective date of May 23, 2017.  Although … Continue Reading

Mine Safety Agency Extends Comment Period on Controlling, Monitoring Diesel Exhaust Request for Information

The public will have until November 30, 2016, to submit comments on the Mine Safety and Health Administration’s Request for Information on the agency’s strategies for controlling and monitoring exposure of underground miners to diesel exhaust. To read the full article, written by Carla Gunnin, click here.… Continue Reading

Judge: Inspector’s vendetta against foreman was “abuse of position”

An MSHA inspector talks of “smothering” a mine foreman “with paper” and proceeds to issue a series of S&S citations with penalties of almost $50,000. It turns out that 20 years ago, both the inspector and the foreman had worked together at another mine. The inspector was then a miner and the foreman was his shift superintendent. … Continue Reading