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Complimentary Webinar: What to Expect from an MSHA Investigation

On July 17, Justin Winter will present this webinar where we will cover the various types of MSHA investigations including the more common “Accident” and “Hazard Complaint” investigations, and those performed by its Special Investigations Department, such as 110(c) “Knowing/Willful Violations” and 105(c) “Discrimination Complaints.” We will discuss the investigation process from start to finish, … Continue Reading

It’s National Work Zone Awareness Week. Celebrate with safety!

This week is National Work Zone Awareness Week, an annual commemoration held each year at the start of the major road construction season. Whether you’re setting new land speed records in the left lane or holding up traffic in the far right one, the road you’re coasting on was built and maintained by someone. Our nation’s highway workers work often unpleasant hours … Continue Reading

Level the playing field when you litigate with MSHA – Upcoming ACRI seminar will prepare you!

Not every MSHA citation contest justifies hiring a lawyer. When the right case comes along, are you ready to represent yourself? Do you know the best strategies for handling MSHA inspections to avoid costly citations? Our upcoming Alternative Case Resolution Workshop will prepare you! Join Mark Savit of Jackson Lewis and Catamount Consulting on May 10-12, 2016 in … Continue Reading

Upcoming class: “How to conduct yourself during an MSHA inspection or investigation”

Knowing how best to handle MSHA inspections is the most cost-effective way to avoid costly citations and penalties. On Wednesday, March 2nd in Springfield, Illinois, join Jackson Lewis’ Mark Savit at the Illinois Association of Aggregate Producers Annual Convention and Aggregate Miner Safety Conference for a seminar on “How to conduct yourself during a MSHA … Continue Reading